2019-09-10 fad2d50d4084cd610692123903bbe72cb6abc2fc
2019-08-13 welch16
updating codes and stuff
tree@ a9d42c commitdiff
2019-07-23 welch16
finished imputation of missing values
tree@ b4a8d7 commitdiff
2019-06-28 welch16
wrote scripts to add many group lasso like models
tree@ 8a169c commitdiff
2019-06-19 welch16
re-processed models to center and scale before, and added an exploration of...
tree@ c55d99 commitdiff
2019-06-03 welch16
wrote script to fit predictive models / with the baseline penalty or adapti...
tree@ a5f311 commitdiff
2019-05-28 welch16
wrote script to parse and impute the data into matrices
tree@ 8495c9 commitdiff
2019-04-18 welch16
added script to clean all at the snp levels
tree@ 5b5f2b commitdiff
2019-01-11 welch16
wrote script to calculate the frequency occurrences of all bases in a set o...
tree@ 9aea19 commitdiff
2018-10-24 welch16
added code to fix manually indels, and whenever necessary to change the all...
tree@ 7ef505 commitdiff
2018-10-23 welch16
added function to extract reverse complements
tree@ 32300e commitdiff
2018-10-22 welch16
moved the remove_vars function to its own script for reusability
tree@ cde973 commitdiff
2018-10-11 welch16
adding SNP metadata
tree@ 9ba78c commitdiff
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