2019-09-10 fad2d50d4084cd610692123903bbe72cb6abc2fc
2019-04-05 welch16
wrote script to change the new mayo data from vcf to Rdata, and then query ...
tree@ d3c6e8 commitdiff
2019-03-20 welch16
Added line to impute with condor
tree@ c14bde commitdiff
2019-03-20 welch16
script to convert / process / prepare vcf files for imputation
tree@ bc533f commitdiff
2019-03-20 welch16
removed indels because they are not in the BC77 set
tree@ ec2122 commitdiff
2019-03-20 welch16
changed name
tree@ 71ec13 commitdiff
2019-03-20 welch16
added failed pipeline to impute with impute2
tree@ d8112f commitdiff
2019-03-15 welch16
adding script to convert to oxford format for imputation
tree@ 0334ec commitdiff
2019-03-15 welch16
finished formats
tree@ 97e26b commitdiff
2019-03-13 welch16
renamed files and directories to make it more consistent
tree@ c30c20 commitdiff
2019-03-13 welch16
added code to change the format of the snp data
tree@ 703b9e commitdiff
2019-01-04 welch16
finished the script to convert from plexseq format into vcf files
tree@ 91e948 commitdiff
2019-01-03 welch16
fixed error, where genotypes without values or fail weren't being parsed to...
tree@ 219a45 commitdiff
2019-01-03 welch16
a lot of plexseq snps were being removed, so changed the script to only fil...
tree@ cf22d1 commitdiff
2019-01-03 welch16
included the reference and alternative counts to the data set
tree@ 834ec4 commitdiff
2019-01-03 welch16
updated slides by including the knn imputation results
tree@ 261b08 commitdiff
2019-01-03 welch16
aux commit to change name
tree@ e37741 commitdiff
2019-01-03 welch16
added script to process repeated samples due to the change in the mayo file...
tree@ 58b508 commitdiff
2018-12-28 welch16
added more reviews
tree@ 9aae5c commitdiff
2018-12-21 welch16
init commit converting plexseq to vcf
tree@ c83eb3 commitdiff
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