2019-09-10 fad2d50d4084cd610692123903bbe72cb6abc2fc
2018-12-19 welch16
updated results to include also large k runs for knn-impute
tree@ 4c97fa commitdiff
2018-12-19 welch16
added script to perform large k nearest neighbor imputation
tree@ d045ca commitdiff
2018-12-18 welch16
wrote code to evaluate different imputation methods
tree@ 1e3403 commitdiff
2018-12-14 welch16
added code to perform knn-mice impute and run multiple versions in condor
tree@ ca2dd7 commitdiff
2018-12-12 welch16
removed line used to test
tree@ ed76ad commitdiff
2018-12-12 welch16
adding imputation methods
tree@ 58dfac commitdiff
2018-12-12 welch16
saving the clean datasets as reference
tree@ 871f18 commitdiff
2018-12-12 welch16
script to generate clean datasets for imputation
tree@ 6de3be commitdiff
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