2019-09-10 fad2d50d4084cd610692123903bbe72cb6abc2fc
2019-02-25 welch16
added exploratory analysis of the luo et al dataset to the document
tree@ d78693 commitdiff
2019-02-25 welch16
Merge branch 'TCR_blast'
tree@ c77067 commitdiff
2019-02-22 welch16
updated the rievew with one more current paper, and added a quick analysis ...
tree@ afabe4 commitdiff
2019-02-14 welch16
added note on the new distribution of survey variables
tree@ f0e25d commitdiff
2019-02-07 welch16
added an exploratory script to parse the data from the xls files that cindy...
tree@ 87b83d commitdiff
2019-02-01 welch16
added code to format in prettier way
tree@ ee3d91 commitdiff
2019-01-31 welch16
wrote script to make the clone files prettier for manual inspection
tree@ 879acd commitdiff
2019-01-23 welch16
wrote scripts to process the FASTQ files from the 2017 Mitchell et al study...
tree@ 9c6fd7 commitdiff
2019-01-23 welch16
wrote disclaimer in most of these files about a manual analysis that I did ...
tree@ fc64a0 commitdiff
2019-01-23 welch16
changed link to barcodes file
tree@ 725592 commitdiff
2019-01-22 welch16
adding scripts of demo analysis
tree@ 17faef commitdiff
2019-01-17 welch16
wrote script to download IRepertoire data from mitchell et al/. 2017
tree@ 1aded3 commitdiff
2019-01-16 welch16
wrote script to use mixcr
tree@ 619804 commitdiff
2019-01-14 welch16
wrote about a couple more resources
tree@ ac2a03 commitdiff
2019-01-14 welch16
added multiple publicly available databases that can be used to curate a da...
tree@ 882f36 commitdiff
2019-01-11 welch16
started reviewing iedb papers
tree@ 4597e9 commitdiff
2019-01-02 welch16
adding more references, specially models to solve the cellular localization...
tree@ 1aea0b commitdiff
2018-12-28 welch16
added more reviews
tree@ 9aae5c commitdiff
2018-12-27 welch16
added lit review on deep learning for proteomics
tree@ 01f263 commitdiff
2018-12-27 welch16
first commit lit review
tree@ e1a1e5 commitdiff
2018-12-05 welch16
added description of mixcr and typical outputs of TCR-repertoire software
tree@ 7c4ae1 commitdiff
2018-12-04 welch16
updated document
tree@ 3cc2f7 commitdiff
2018-12-03 welch16
added plot of 'peaks'
tree@ 22fb77 commitdiff
2018-11-26 welch16
changed universe and versions
tree@ 94c8fb commitdiff
2018-11-26 welch16
updated the script with requirements to avoid the issue that java 1.8.0 is ...
tree@ b447e1 commitdiff
2018-11-26 welch16
figured out how to make condor run with lists of parameters
tree@ 0521b6 commitdiff
2018-11-23 welch16
added diversity explanation
tree@ ddb964 commitdiff
2018-11-23 welch16
added description of difficulties when calculating diversity
tree@ f21144 commitdiff
2018-11-21 welch16
first description of ideas
tree@ 92e127 commitdiff
2018-11-20 welch16
adding Makefile
tree@ e40dfe commitdiff
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